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Stainless PP Cartridge Filter Housing


Stainless Pp Filter Cartridge Housing Pre-filtration Bag Filter System

The large flow cartridge filters  has 152 mm diameter, it can increase the filter area effectively and reduce the number of filters' cartridge greatly, as well as its shell size.
In many applications, due to its large flow and long filter life, the investment and labor costs can be lower in a reasonable way.

1. Gradient aperture structure
2. when filtering water, the flow rate can up to 110m3/h
3. The maximum size of the filtration system can be reduced by 50%

1.RO security filtering, desalination pre treatment
2. Power plant condensate filtration
3. Bio-pharmaceutical industry : raw materials, solvents, water filtration

Detailed Information

Stainless PP Cartridge Filter Housing
Surface Finish
Treatment Type Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, sand blasting, pickin
Surface Roughness Mirror polish Ra≤0.4μm
Operating Conditions
Max Operating pressure  0.6MPa
Max Operating Temp  140ºC
Filter Shell 304, 316L
Drain valve 304, 316L
Eyebolt 304
Stabilizer blade 304
O-ring EPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicone
Technical Parameters
Specification Content 20 inches 40 inches 60 inches
Filter Element Shape Ф161×508 Ф161×1016 Ф161×1535
Filter Element Material Filter Material: glass fiber or PP   End cap: ABS   Lining: PP
Filtration Accuracy 6μm, 15μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 80μm, 100μm
Filter Element Form Folding
Maximum Operating Tempe                  80ºC
Maximum Flow 40mm³/h 70mm³/h  110mm³/h
Working Pressure                 ≤3.4Mpa
Filtration In by inside and out by outside

The above-mentioned data is the standard, it can customize according to customer's requirements.

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Stainless PP Cartridge Filter Housing

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Stainless PP Cartridge Filter Housing

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