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Bag filter is measuring pressure
Tube filter housing customized for Denmark
Mechanical Filter Housing
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25 November 2020
Bag Filter Housing Performance

The centrifugal-action separator can remove grit, sand, metal chips, fines, and other solids from liquids. It is perfect for use as a pre-filter to extend the life of fine filtration systems. These units require little or no maintenance, as there are no moving parts to wear out, or filter media to r

17 November 2020
How To Avoiding Filter Cartridge Cloggings ?

Membrane filter cartridges primarily clog on the surface due to bacteria or fine colloids that can form during vinification or appear in the wine through filtration additives. Internal, middle or external fleece of depth filter cartridges become clogged by particles like diatomaceous earth, yeasts,

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10 November 2020
Why the bag filter is so important?

How does a bag filter work?How to clean an bag filter is one of the questions many people ask. How often should the bag filter be cleaned? What is the method of assessing whether the bag filter equipment should be cleaned or replaced? l How does a bag filter workl What is the purpose of using an b

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