Water Cartridge Filter

Customized for Canada Partner.For commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems.Water treatment: NF, UF, RO and ion exchange resin, etc

Casting Bag Filter 

Customized for Canada Partner. For Food and beverage industry: filtration of juice, tea drinks, beer, liquor, wine, rice wine, healthy drinks and bottled purified water, etc.

Bag Filter Housing
Customized for Canada Partner. For Water treatment: NF, UF, RO and ion exchange resin, etc

Customized for Korea Partner. For Industry Filter Liquid, Storage Water,etc.

Storage Tank
Customized for Taiwan Partner. For Storage Liquid and Water,etc
Water Treatmemt System

Customized for Greece Partner.For Food and Beverage industry: Filtration of juice, Tea drinks, beer, liquor, wine, rice wine, Healthy Drinks and Bottled Purified Water, etc.

Ro Water Filter

Customized for Germany Partner.For Food and Beverage Industry: alcohol, mineral Water, Drinking Water Filtration


Customized for Italy Partner.For Petrochemical Industry: oil Extraction Reinjection, Chemical Reagents, lubricant and high-purity Chemical was filter.

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