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Bag filters - How they work and how they are used.

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Bag filters - How they work and how they are used.

The bag filter is widely used in the field of storm and sewage wastewater treatment, mechanical treatment of industrial and drinking water, collection and dehydration of industrial wastewater and sludge. Fine bag filters allow, with minimal financial and operational costs, to significantly reduce the amount of precipitation formed, organize high-quality water treatment, ensure the return to production of a large amount of valuable materials, create an effective system for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.

High filtration degree, high performance with a small cleaning area, excellent wear resistance, strength and chemical resistance, the ability to give various configurations and low cost have provided industrial bag filters with wide application in various areas of production and utilities. The filter material used in main water filter bags and filter bags for sludge dewatering has different porosities, which makes it possible to obtain water of different quality and to capture suspended matter with different particle sizes. Bag filter is a very simple and effective solution to the problem of water purification and sludge dewatering, which does not require significant initial investment, high installation costs and further maintenance.

LLC "Sibelcon" manufactures and sells high-quality main bag filters for water and sludge dewatering from various materials that are distinguished by hydrophobic properties and long service life. The products provide cleaning up to 99% of mechanical impurities and can be used in a wide range of industrial processes and utilities.

Bag filters for water purification

The bag filter for water is used for mechanical purification of industrial and drinking water in industrial and individual water supply. Bag-like filter media can be of various mesh sizes, operate over a wide temperature range and retain small particles with a size of 1 to 100 microns. Filters clean the medium from various contaminants:

  • rust;

  • silt;

  • sand;

  • dirt;

  • paints and varnishes;

  • mineral oils;

  • different types of fuel;

  • petroleum products.

The main structural elements of a bag filter are:

  • a body with an inlet for contaminated supply and an outlet for clean water, which have a flange or threaded connection;

  • reusable filter element made of material with cells of a certain size;

  • gaskets and o-rings;

  • cover with fixing element

  • support basket in large modules.

The bag-shaped cleaning element is a consumable item and must be replaced after a certain period of use. Numerous caps have pressure gauge connections and an overpressure valve outlet. The housing material is usually propylene or stainless steel, which perfectly withstand thermal expansion and are neutral with respect to chemical impurities. The filter material is a polyester or nylon cloth that is resistant to chemical compounds and is approved for contact with food.

Principle of operation

A bag-type fine filter works according to a certain scheme:

  • contaminated water flows through the inlet into the bag filter housing ;

  • under the influence of external pressure, water passes through a bag filter, on the walls of which dirt remains;

  • purified water passes through the outlet to the pipeline for use.

The bag cartridge purchased from Sibelcon can be made of polypropylene, polyester, nylon, lavsan or other materials that are selected depending on the type and size of contaminants in the liquid medium. It is possible to buy a bag filter for water at Sibelkon LLC for both industrial and domestic use. When choosing a canvas for main water purification, the volume and the required degree of filtration are taken into account. A pressure difference of 1 kg / cm 2 between the inlet and outlet flows indicates that it is time to replace the bag-type cartridge.

Bag filters for sludge dewatering

Bag filters are designed for effective dewatering of waste water from domestic and storm sewer systems, recycling water supply of industrial enterprises and aspiration plants with wet cleaning. The huge demand for cleaning equipment of this type is due to a large number of advantages compared to similar devices:

  • low cost of a bag filter;

  • lack of moving and wearing parts and assemblies;

  • the ability to process a large amount of liquid with filter elements with a small area;

  • high cleaning efficiency;

  • the ability to capture suspended particles with a size of 1 to 100 microns;

  • compactness and durability;

  • wide temperature range of use;

  • ease of installation, maintenance;

Filter bags are made primarily of non-woven hydrophobic polypropylene fabric. The choice of material is due to its high strength, excellent water permeability, uniformity of structure, elasticity, preservation of its properties throughout the entire service life. The materials used by Sibelcon for the manufacture of bag filters are highly resistant to moisture and chemical compounds in the form of acids and alkalis, are not subject to rotting, decomposition, and the effects of various fungi, mold, and insects.

The principle of operation of the equipment is based on filtering sediment in a liquid medium by passing waste water through a special bag filter made of non-woven material. The contaminated liquid entering through the pressure line enters the bag through the inlet pipe. The filtered liquid is placed in a bottom collector, from where it enters a receiver or drainage station. When the bag is filled, sediment products are further disinfected, and if filled with sludge, they are disposed of or returned to production for reuse. To increase productivity, an installation can be installed in the main line, which contains several bag filters.

It is possible to buy a bag filter from the Sibelcon company for cleaning the sludge formed during the aspiration of waste gases in production. During wet air cleaning, sludge forms in Venturi pipes or scrubbers, which must be filtered to separate liquid and solid contaminants. The solids remain in the bags and, depending on their composition and value, are disposed of or reused. Plants with bag filters are widely used for the purification of recycled water, which is used in production for cooling processes or parts processing. With their help, industrial water is filtered, which is used for irrigation of green spaces, roads and sidewalks.

Features of installation and operation

Installation of the unit with household type filter bags is carried out on the floor using a secure frame or on the wall with fixation with clamps. For the convenience of replacing the cartridge, enough free space is left on top. At the inlet and outlet of the body, taps or valves are installed, which are necessary to interrupt the cleaning process.

After installation, a basket is inserted into the housing, into which the filter bag is lowered. The edges of the filter should protrude 3-5 mm beyond the edge of the basket. After installing the seals and the top cover, the inlet and outlet valves open slowly. After making sure that there are no leaks and having recorded the readings of the pressure gauge, you can begin to operate the equipment. With a decrease in the pressure indicator in the line by 1 kg / cm 2it is necessary to replace or wash the filter. All work on replacing consumables and repairing parts is carried out after closing the valves at the inlet and outlet of the unit and relieving the internal pressure. Installation of an industrial installation requires the involvement of a specialized organization licensed to carry out such work, specialists with extensive experience, professional equipment and tools. If a large amount of wastewater needs to be treated, it may be necessary to build a backup storage facility.

Responsible manufacturer

For a long time, Sibelkon LLC has been producing and selling installations for air and water purification. The company's equipment has been introduced at many enterprises and with high efficiency protects the health of the service personnel, reduces the level of environmental pollution and normalizes the ecological situation. The company's clients include a large number of enterprises operating in the metallurgical, mining, chemical, woodworking, food and metalworking industries. Customer support is provided at all stages of equipment operation.

High-quality bag filters are offered to the attention of potential customers , the price of which is attractive for any customer. A large assortment allows you to select filter elements for various types of treatment plants:

  • bag filter bfh;

  • cintropur bag filter;

  • bag filter mvn;

  • bag filter cintropur nw 25 1;

  • bag filter x 5;

  • bag filters pentek.

All products have quality certificates and high performance characteristics.


Bag filters are widely used in the following industries:
• at chemical and paint and varnish plants,
• as pretreatment equipment for membrane modules,
• in industrial and domestic water supply,
• in the food industry,
• as a filter element for boiler and circulating water in heating equipment,
• in the construction of wastewater treatment systems.
Thanks to their simple design, the filters have an impressive margin of safety. Ideal for high purification requirements for large water flows. Bag-type filter elements are highly resistant to biological and chemical influences, do not rot, decompose, and are not susceptible to mold and mildew

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