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Cartridge Filter Housing

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The stainless steel filter housing is a pressure-type filtering device, mainly consists of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick-opening mechanism, stainless steel filter cartridge supporting basket (or tube) and other main components. Simple structure and easy operation, its upper cover applies lift type cantilever construction. While its flange is fastened by stainless steel tilting screws.


The filter cartridge is mounted in the support netting or tube. The filtrate flows into housing through the inlet, the liquid can penetrate the filter cartridge of the required filtration rating to obtain qualified filtrate, the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter cartridge. It is very convenient to replace the filter element, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration.

It is divided into Single/Multi High Flow Water Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Bag Filter Stainless Steel Filter Housing, Single/Multi Pleated Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housing.




  1. The materials of filter housing is wholly made from quality stainless steel SS304 or 316L, Carbon Steel, Duplex steel, super duplex steel… …According to different use conditions, use different material.

  2. The filtration rating reachable to 0.5μm.

  3. Design flow capacity of single machine according to customers’ request.

  4. Based on the work principle and structure of the filter system, it’s easy and quick to change the filter cartridge/bag, moreover, it’s free from cleaning, saves labor and time.

  5. Outer surface is treatment by sent shot blasting or polishing, beautiful & elegant, while its welding seam is treated if acid cleaning and passivation, so as to increase its anti-corrosion capacity.

  6. The relative position of the inlet/outlet and installation height can be customized to suit the specific requirements of applications.

Applications: Industrial water, syrup, resin, oil ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, waxes, electroplating liquid, milk, mineral water, hot dissolving agent, emulsion, beer, plant oil, medicines, chemical drugs, petroleum products and so on.

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