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How To Avoiding Filter Cartridge Cloggings ?

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bag filter cartridges primarily clog on the surface due to bacteria or fine colloids that can form during vinification or appear in the wine through filtration additives. Internal, middle or external fleece of depth filter cartridges become clogged by particles like diatomaceous earth, yeasts, etc. Helpful recommendations for avoiding filter cartridge cloggings include:

Use enzymes for clarification of wines

Ensure filterability of wine ready for bottling by index measurement

Filtration of service media 

Allow 0.5 bar/7.25 psi filter cloggings (differential pressure), then initiate     immediate regeneration

Hot water temperature of 80 to 85 °C for regeneration of filter cartridges as well as sufficient hot water volume

• Allow hot water to work overnight to increase the regeneration effect

Observe the recommended flow rate

Use proven filter cartridge combinations

 when filter cartridges clog early in the process, causes can be the wine to be filtered, filter cartridge handling and the filtration parameters. There are often multiple sources of error. only a standardized process leads to an efficient filtration outcome. 

In addition to the filterability of the wines, sparkling wines and service media, the sizing of the filtration steps, filter combinations (pre-filter and end filter), flow rates and regeneration processes have to be tailored to the individual operation. filter cartridges facilitate the proper method of operation 

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Taking the aspects and details mentioned into account, result in the most effective, economical, modern and safe filtration. often, appropriate support and services are needed to optimize coordination of all parameters. 

Chuanya Machinery  many years of practical experience as an expert partner developing customized solutions with clients on-site significantly contributes to achieving the filtration goals: excellent service life, greater economic efficiency and exceptional wine and sparkling wine quality.

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