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How to filter beer?

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Lenticular filter is suitable for 12 and 16 inch depth filter modules,The construction of lenticular filter housing has a lower cost and easy operate function .The max operate pressure arrive 10bar. The lenticular filter housing is one kinds of depth filter housing ,it is totally enclosed,which eliminates liquid loss due to leakage. ·Material in 316L stainless steel ,or 304SS , sanitary construction with polish treatment


·Equipped with Support plate and backwash baffle plate

·Vent valve and drain included with the housing

·Suitable for  12” 1.8m2 filter area ,16”  3.6m2 filter area Filter modules

·Hygienic design by avoiding dead space, Sanitary Filter Housing, No Dead Corner


Lenticular filters are used in a broad range of applications from the filtration of syrup ,distilled spirits,wines ,beers,the clarification of fruit juices and water

Be used in the pharmaceutical ,cosmetic and chemical processing industries

Pre-filtration of juice concentrate

Polishing filtration of olive oil

Particle removal

Final filtration (germ removal )

Pre filtration prior to final membrane filters

As the depth filter ,it can be applied into the beer filtration (beer filter) and winery filtration (wine filter)


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