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How to use and maintain stainless steel liquid tank?

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Use and maintenance of stainless steel liquid tank


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1. The stainless steel liquid tank is a normal pressure equipment, and the heat exchanger is regarded as normal pressure if the pipeline is unblocked. If the pressure is too high, please check whether the inlet and outlet are blocked.

2. 40#-50# engine oil or 70#--90# extreme pressure industrial gear oil should be installed in the reducer. After the first 20 days of operation (8 hours a day), replace the engine oil and clean the oil in the oil tank. Replace and clean the fuel tank every 3-5 months. (Except without reducer)

3. The loading volume of the stainless steel liquid mixing tank should not exceed the effective volume of the mixing tank, and overloading is strictly prohibited to avoid burning the motor or damaging the reducer and other components. If the stainless steel liquid tank is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and filled with lubricating oil and cut off the power supply

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