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The "chuanya machinery" company performs all types of work related to the selection and installation of water treatment equipment for various water supply options. To obtain a free technical and commercial quotation, it is enough to email the results of the water analysis to . In the letter, you need to specify the amount of purified water you need per hour or per day.

Mechanical water purification is to push the liquid through the filter element (membrane or filter element). This water purification method allows you to remove a variety of insoluble impurities from it.

Depending on the type of working element, mechanical water filters can be mesh , cartridge or with a washed titanium membrane . Depending on the design, such installations are divided into:

  • Coarse mechanical water purification filters are used as a preliminary stage in a system for purifying water from natural sources (wells, wells, surface water bodies). They retain a large amount of mechanical impurities: silt, sand, soil particles, rust, scale, multi-caliber debris.

  • When high quality water is required, for example, for drinking and food purposes, fine mechanical water purification filters are used. If the entire water purification system is pre-installed, this filter is used at the final stage or as a stand-alone filter, for example, for tap water. Unlike crude water purification filters, it retains smaller suspensions and insoluble impurities. It can be film, and cartridge type.

Mesh filters for mechanical water purification

The filter is designed for rough water purification. They are very compact, economical and easy to handle. As the filter element, a metal mesh is used, which retains mechanical impurities in the size of 20 to 500 μm according to the principle of ordinary sieves. Because of the build-up of contaminants, the filter element does not need to be replaced. The mesh is not difficult to remove for manual cleaning, or you can install a filter with a straight-through or backwash system.

Cartridge Filters for Mechanical Water Purification

Cartridge filters are plastic or metal flasks with a filter element inside, usually made of expanded polypropylene. Designed for delicate water purification and removal of insoluble impurities ranging in size from 5 to 100 microns. During the process of passing water through the filter element, all contaminants remain in the thickness of the filter element. Therefore, although the initial cost is relatively low, the system cost of replacing the cartridge will be required during operation.

Mechanical Water Purification Filter with Titanium Washing Membrane

Membranes made of structural titanium are used as filter elements in filters with washed titanium membranes . In appearance, this filter resembles a cartridge filter, however, unlike it, all contaminants are not retained inside, but on the membrane surface of the cartridge. The washing of the membrane is carried out by reverse water hammer, which takes 2-3 seconds, after which the accumulated impurities are discharged into the sewer. The cleaning fineness is 0.1 μm. Such filters won't even let bacteria into the water, as the smallest of them are 0.2-0.3 μm in size.

The service life of the titanium membrane is at least 10 years.

Structured titanium has high strength and low adhesion to trapped impurities. The filter is washed with clean water from the hydraulic accumulator - all contaminants are drained into the sewer within 3-4 seconds and water filtration continues. On request, the filter flushing process can be automated .

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