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Pure water equipment series-reverse osmosis (ultra) pure water device

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Reverse osmosis (PO for short) is a type of membrane separation technology. The principle is: Use enough pressure to make the solvent (usually referred to as water) in the solution separate the water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Because its operation is opposite to the normal osmosis process in nature, it is called reverse osmosis (or reverse osmosis). With the development of membrane technology and the continuous improvement of membrane performance, reverse osmosis technology will develop into a new chemical separation technology for separation, classification, purification and enrichment.

The main features of reverse osmosis technology:

Low energy consumption, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, and no pollution to the environment.

Reverse osmosis technology is widely used in water supply treatment, urban tap water purification, production of pure water and ultra-pure water, water for injection, and the preparation of pure edible water in industries such as electricity, electronics, medicine, medicine, and food; seawater and brackish water Desalination; production of drinking water, etc.


     The reverse osmosis system consists of three parts: its pretreatment and reverse osmosis device and post-treatment. The core of the reverse osmosis system is the reverse osmosis device. Pretreatment is the prerequisite for long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis device. Post-processing is used to meet the final water quality indicators of different treatment objects.

Pure water application range

★ Preparation of pure drinking water

★ Preparation of water for injection/washing bottle and other sterile water in the pharmaceutical industry

★ Preparation of ultra-pure water in the electronics industry

★ Preparation of boiler make-up water for thermal power plants

★ Preparation of product formula water in beverage and cosmetics industry

★ Preparation of terminal washing water in the manufacturing industry

★ Purification of drinking water/Desalination of matrine/desalination of seawater

The removal rate of each ion in the water is shown in the following table:


Process flow:

Process flow

The reverse osmosis device is currently the most advanced desalination equipment in the world. It adopts a roll-type composite membrane and is suitable for water purification under low pressure operation. It can remove various metal ions, acid radicals, bacteria, pyrogens and radioactive pollutants in the water. The desalination rate It can reach more than 99.8%, because it has the advantages of simple operation, stable operation, energy saving, good anti-pollution and long service life. It is the first choice for the production of pure water in the fields of electronics, electricity, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and chemicals.

Equipment performance

·The front 5μ micro filter protects the high pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane from damage by particles or other hard objects.

·The low-pressure switch protects the high-pressure pump from damage due to the stop of water supply.

·High-efficiency, low-noise high-pressure pumps reduce operating noise and power consumption.

·The roll-type composite membrane with high desalination rate and low operating pressure improves the water quality and reduces the operating cost, and has a long service life.

·The product water and concentrated water are each equipped with flow meters to monitor and adjust the running water output and the system recovery rate.

·The product water conductivity meter continuously monitors the product water quality.

·The inlet and outlet pressure gauges continuously monitor the pressure difference of the reverse osmosis membrane and prompt when cleaning is needed.

·Automatic water stop valve to avoid continuous water inflow during shutdown.

·Quick flushing valve regularly flushes the membrane surface. Reduce the pollution rate.

3t one-stage

reverse osmosis

The ultrafiltration device is a membrane permeation device that can purify and separate the solution, and the molecular weight of the solute that is usually intercepted is between 500 and 500,000. The ultrafiltration membrane is in the shape of a hollow capillary tube, and the tube wall is densely covered with micropores. The raw water or the solution that needs to be treated flows through the tube under pressure, and the water and small molecular solutes pass through the membrane wall to become ultrafiltrate, and the macromolecular substance is called the concentrated liquid and is retained. Discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of purification and separation.

Ultrafiltration devices are widely used: in the pure water preparation process, ultrafiltration can be used as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis or ion exchange terminal filtration to remove colloids, microorganisms, mechanical impurities and ion exchange resin fragments; used in medical processes Preparation of sterile depyrogenated pure water; used for sterilization and clarification in the pharmaceutical and preparation industries; sterilization of beverage mineral water and treatment of industrial wastewater such as textiles, chemical industry and environmental protection.

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