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Why are bag filters so widely used?

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Why are bag filters so widely used?

Everyone knows that cleaning the bag filter at intervals can save energy and money, but what does the bag filter actually do? How should you clean the bag filter?



l  What is the working process of the bag filter?

l  Why are bag filters so widely used?

What is the working process of the bag filter?

In many applications, steam comes into contact with the product itself. For example, injecting steam directly into processed foods in vats is one way to cook these foods. In other cases, steam is used to clean or disinfect surfaces, tools, and containers used to process and package various products (such as pharmaceuticals). In all cases, steam is generated and distributed in the piping system. This steam usually ends in small holes or nozzles, which are easily contaminated by contaminants in the steam. Filtering steam is essential to avoid product contamination and equipment downtime. Particulate contaminants found in steam may include rust, scale, dirt and sediment carried away from the water source.


Why are bag filters so widely used?

1.       At present, bag filter is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biochemistry, beverage, electronics and other industries to ensure the filtering effect of high-precision clean production. Therefore, some types of bag filter products have sterilization filters, which utilize high-temperature steam to achieve sterilization effect and ensure the cleanliness of the filtered steam.

2.       bag filter has the characteristics of high filtration accuracy, strong anti-pollution ability and good blowdown performance. The bag filter shall ensure that it does not cause excessive pressure loss to the airflow. In addition, the bag filter is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight and easy to install and use.

3.       The working environment of bag filter requires that it has good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Generally, bag filters are made of stainless steel and have a long service life. It can filter steam, air, water, oil and other media. When bag filter is used in special environment, it should have certain sterilization ability.


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