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Industrial filters for water treatment

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Water supply does not always ensure the absence of harmful impurities. In some industrial technologies, a cleaner liquid is required than is provided for by current sanitary standards. To connect boiler rooms, for example, the hardness level is reduced to 0.1 ° F, with an acceptable value of 7 ° F. The necessary preparation is carried out using industrial filters for water purification. A set of equipment is selected taking into account the initial concentration of impurities and the permissible composition at the outlet. In detailed calculations, profitability is determined, the payback period is specified. A review of technologies will help you choose a complete project without errors.

Varieties of industrial filters for water purification

According to laboratory analyzes, the main parameters of the technical conditions for an industrial water treatment system are determined. Correct distribution by consumer groups is essential at this stage. To connect an industrial boiler house, it is necessary to reduce the level of hardness or prevent the formation of scale with reagents (electromagnetic treatment). In the office part of the networks, the quality of drinking water is ensured, but the ideal removal of mineral constituents is not required. In pharmaceuticals, the highest level of filtration is required, so distillation or membrane purification is used.


This group of technologies has the following advantages:

scale after processing is not formed, the original chemical composition is preserved;

a large range of action allows one installation to provide protection for all consumers in the building;

installation of equipment is carried out without careful calculations in 10-15 minutes by line personnel;

the coil on the outer surface of the pipe does not create resistance to flow in the line;

special maintenance of equipment is not needed, the work processes of generating an electromagnetic field are supported in automatic mode.

hollow fiber

The fineness of purification provided by reverse osmosis membranes is often excessive. In food production, there are sanitary standards that allow the presence of impurities that are beneficial to health. Similar limits have been developed for other industrial processes.


To reproduce the filtration level from 0.01 µm, a hollow fiber membrane is used. Products in this category treat incoming water at high speed without a special increase in pressure. Multiple flushing is acceptable without adding reagents to remove trapped impurities and clean the working ducts. High-quality replaceable blocks retain good functional condition for a long service life - up to 48 months.

mechanical cleaning

Industrial grade strainers are made of metal. This engineering solution allows you to increase strength at the same time as extending the service life. Unlike polymer analogs, these products do not pollute water with foreign impurities. The democratic price of an industrial mechanical filter has a certain positive value.


Also used for mechanical cleaning:

sleeve and bag modifications;

tanks with quartz sand or other backfill;

self-cleaning installations.

To reduce the workload on personnel and prevent emergencies, the equipment is equipped with automation and remote control facilities. Moisture sensors, for example, determine the occurrence of leaks. The pressure gauge reading can be used to check the clogging status of the filter by a corresponding change in pressure.

Fine and coarse cleaning

For the removal of large fractions, the methods listed in the previous section of the review are suitable. The smallest impurities are retained by special membranes. In such barriers, holes are created that are comparable with the size of molecular compounds (4-180 nm). Some installations of this type perform filtration comparable in quality to traditional distillation.


Microscopic channels significantly increase the hydraulic resistance in the line. The separation of impurities is slow. To increase the pressure, pumping equipment is used. To improve performance, increase the effective working area, install several membranes in parallel. These barriers are quickly clogged with salts even at low levels of hardness. Regular removal of calcium contaminants is performed using an acid wash.

Industrial filters for purification of drinking water from a well

In deep springs, there are no industrial systems for water treatment of water from a well, industrial, household waste, organic objects. However, the concentration of characteristic impurities increases significantly:

hydrogen sulfide;

ferrous iron;


Below are industrial filters for drinking water purification, which are used when connected to a well.


These devices are used after preliminary removal of large particles, iron removal and softening. After these processing steps, a sample is taken to clarify the actual composition of impurities. Industrial flow filters for water purification are created using fillers that remove unpleasant tastes and odors. If there is no organic matter, membranes with relatively large pores (ultrafiltration) can be used. In the reverse situation, in the presence of microorganisms in the liquid, treatment with ultraviolet radiation or a powerful electromagnetic field is used.

To increase the working area of the filter element of the main filter, a bag is used instead of a mesh. Backfill systems typically use quartz sand. To improve the quality of cleaning, “multi-cartridge” flow-through main installations are produced. Industrial filters for fine mechanical water are equipped with several large cartridges filled with fiber or foamed polymer materials.

For softening and iron removal of water

In addition to magnetic treatment, specialized reagents based on polyphosphate compounds are used to protect against scale. If necessary, stiffness compounds are extracted using ion exchange technology. Regeneration of the main backfill in this embodiment is performed with a solution of purified common salt. Quite often, on an industrial scale, mixtures of soda with lime, barium salts are used for softening.

forced aeration;



Industrial technologies are more complex than their domestic counterparts. The presence of qualified personnel allows you to perform work operations without errors.

Water softening filters, for example, are created using precise dosing of reagents with special pumping equipment. In the presence of "free" heat, which is utilized at thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, desalination is used by heating the liquid to a boil. The increase in costs is taken into account in the cost of finished products (services) of the enterprise.

Activated carbon

To eliminate chlorine compounds, you can buy an industrial sorption-type water purification filter. Activated carbon retains compounds that impair organoleptic characteristics. Modern backfills are characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. Backwashing is used to loosen the working layer.



To restore the efficiency of an industrial water filter from mechanical impurities, various additional devices are used - self-cleaning and self-cleaning systems. Flushing in the forward or reverse direction is automated using a control unit and solenoid valves. The procedure is performed periodically according to the set time or with increased accuracy - according to the readings of the sensor of the processed amount of liquid. Some modifications are equipped with motorized brushes, which clean the mesh when rotated.

Which ones to buy?

When choosing the functional components of a cleaning system, attention is paid not only to the compliance with technical parameters. The experience of the manufacturer is essential. Expensive filter models are created using high-quality materials and components. The increase in cost compensates for reliability in service.



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