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Titanium rod stainless steel decarbonization filter main performance

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Titanium rod stainless steel decarbonization filter main performance:

Sintered filter element (including titanium filter element, stainless steel filter element, polymer filter element) is made of industrial high purity powder (titanium, stainless steel, polymer) as raw material, through screening, cold isostatic pressing molding, high temperature, high vacuum sintering.

Therefore, the sintered filter element has unique excellent performance due to its high-tech material composition and special manufacturing process.

Excellent performance of titanium filter element:

High strength, strong pressure resistance (not easy to fall off).

Uniform structure, high porosity, low filtration resistance, good permeability.

High (low) temperature resistance (steam filtration), corrosion resistance (no rust in water and liquid medicine).

Long service life (several times of the general membrane filter), high hardness, easy backwashing (easy to realize online washing).

Strong affinity to the human body, molding, processing is convenient, can be processed into various shapes according to the requirements of the advantages of the filter element.

1, uniform structure, narrow aperture distribution, high separation efficiency.

2, high porosity, small filtration resistance, high permeability efficiency.

3, high temperature resistance, generally can be under 500 degrees normal use.

4, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, with oxidation resistance. Non-magnetic non-toxic, and with human tissue and blood has a good compatibility, so it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry and food industry, water treatment industry.

5, no particles fall off, do not make the original liquid form secondary pollution, meet the requirements of food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP.

6, good mechanical properties, low pressure difference, large flow.

7, strong anti-microbial ability, do not interact with microorganisms.

8, the molding process is good, the whole welding length can reach 1000 mm.

9, can be online regeneration, easy to clean, long service life (generally several times the membrane filter element)

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