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What are the characteristics of bag filter housing?

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What are the characteristics of bag filter housing?

There are many different shapes, sizes and materials for filter bag housings. So how to choose a suitable bag filter housing? What are the characteristics of the bag filter housing?


l  What is a bag filter housing?

l  What are the characteristics of thedust bag with the bag filter housing?

l  How to choose the rightbag filter housing and dust bag?


What is a bag filter housing?

There are many forms of bag filter housings. The two most common types are single-bag shells and multi-bag shells. Their names state their names exactly. The single-bag shell is a more traditional and simpler shell that can hold one filter bag at a time. The multi-bag housing can hold more than one bag at a time and is designed for more complex or demanding applications. The size of the housing will determine the size of the filter bag compatible with it. The most common of these sizes are 01 and 02, which are the industry names for certain bag sizes. We offer many high-quality filter bag housings in the most common and unusual sizes-ask us about any products you can't see online. . The bag filter housing is also called bag filter and industrial filter housing, stainless steel bag filter housing.



The bag filter housing is composed of the filter body, filter bag, stainless steel mesh, etc. The filter bag is supported by the stainless steel mesh inside. The liquid flows into the chamber through the inlet and passes through the filter bag. Then, the liquid penetrates into the filter bag to obtain a qualified liquid, while the impurities are blocked in the filter bag. After washing or cleaning, the filter bag can be reused. And the filter bag is easy to replace. The filter has no material consumption and low operating cost. The application range of the bag filter housing includes the chemical industry, pharmacy, automobile industry, light industry, food industry, electroplating industry, etc.


What are the characteristics of the Filter bag with the bag filter housing?

1.       Flexible use, the air volume ranges from a few cubic meters to millions of cubic meters per hour.

2.       The structure is simple, and a simple bag filter or a more efficient pulse jet bag filter chamber can be used to adapt to local conditions.

3.       Stable, easy to recover dust, no sludge treatment, body corrosion and other problems, and simple maintenance.

4.       The application range of the bag filter is mainly limited by the filter temperature, corrosion resistance and other properties, especially in terms of temperature. Not suitable for dust with strong adhesion and hygroscopicity, especially the flue gas temperature cannot be lower than the dew point temperature, otherwise it will condense and cause the filter bag to block.


How to choose the right bag filter housing and Filter bag?

1.       Compare the application/process of the bag filter chamber to the application selection table of the filter media through temperature and chemical resistance.

2.       Evaluate previous experience of dust handling in IAC operations to select a suitable range of internal tank and gap speed. Once the internal speed range is agreed, the final air-to-cloth ratio and filter bag length can be calculated.

3.       According to the actual internal speed, the ratio of air to cloth and the length of the bag, the filter efficiency selection that satisfies the air permit according to the outlet dust emission requirements is reconsidered. This final analysis and review is used to determine whether a special media surface treatment or PTFE membrane is required to ensure that the filtration efficiency is successfully met and the DP range is between 2.5" WC to 4.5" WC.

4.       Determine the special application design requirements for grounding wire, bottom wear protection device and special sewing/pinhole closure. At this point, when developing the final filter bag selection and specifications, you will determine the following filter bag design criteria: fabric selection, bag length, luggage tailoring, surface treatment, PTFE membrane options.


Bag filter often has the lowest equipment investment cost, and usually can withstand various process conditions, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, so it is also very important to choose a good quality bag filter housing.If you are looking for a high-quality bag filter housing at a reasonable price, Wenzhou chuanya machinery co.,ltd. will provide you with the best products.

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