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What is a Membrane Filter Cartridge?

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What is a Membrane Filter Cartridge?

Below is an example of a membrane filter cartridge:


                                                       Membrane filter cartridge

As you can see, these are simple and modular filters, with large surface area of filter media that can fit in different housings.

They are popular for their low pressure losses and high flow rates when removing particles from fluids.

Ordinarily, this component is designed to suit a specific need in various industries.

They are used in numerous filtration processes especially for dissolving the aggressive solvents.

Due to the nature of the role that this device plays, it has to have a rugged construction which apparently, enhances their lifespan.

And as you’ll find later on in this guide, this component is nowadays used in many applications.

These applications also range from simple domestic to large-scale industrial processes.

Main Applications of a Membrane Filter Cartridge

What often happens is that this component is involved in various applications with some including engineering processes.

The help of permeable membranes to transport materials between two fractions is what this instrument covers.


As you’ll find out in this section, the membrane filter cartridge is also common in various chemical, pharmaceutical, and water processing applications.

And without taking much of your time, let’s head straightaway to the point and learn some of these applications;

· Sterile Filtration Applications

Now, this is one of the most significant and widespread applications of a membrane filter cartridge.


                                        Sterile filtration

It is about the process of removing microorganism from a fluid stream without fundamentally causing an adverse effect on the product.

What happens in this type of filtration is that you’ll be able to accomplish it successfully without influencing the ingredients.

The essence of this mode of filtration is vitally to prevent degradation of the ingredients or substances.

And in most cases, this is the type of filtration process which often occurs in the bio pharmaceutical field.

It is quite obvious that pharmaceutical products are a combination of various compounds.

And therefore, filtration of the same requires more or less a method which would never compromise or degrade the quality of ingredients.

It is also applicable in chemical processing industries which require filtration of the final product without affecting its quality standards.

Of course, the main benefit of membrane filter cartridge in sterile filtration application is the prevention of degradation of the product.

It thus implies that you can simply obtain the final product from a combination of compounds without reducing its quality whatsoever.

· Pre-filtration Applications

It is also the other major area where the application of membrane filter cartridge tends to be relatively common.

The pre-filtration process simply prevents a wide range of treatment processes from possible contaminants that would enter from out of the system.


                        Structure of a filter – Photo courtesy: STEVIA TEACHNOLOGY

This process is also essential in preventing the particles released by the treatment devices from contaminating downstream processes.

But from a broader perspective, you’ll realize that most chemical processing, water treatment and pharmaceutical processes use this application.

This is a way that enables you to find a purified substance that you would, later on, use in carrying on various processes.

So, it becomes a common application mostly in the cycles of chemical processing such as fertilizer and other laboratory compounds.

Also, the membrane filter cartridge is common in various aspects of clean water pre-filtration and sewerage processing.

The essence in such cases is that it enables you to attain the best results using the modern methods conveniently within a short period.

Moreover, you can as well use it in pharmaceutical processing especially when separating particular compounds from one another.

And it’s for such reasons why you would typically find it in most of the water cleaning, sewerage, chemical processing and pharmaceutical plants.

· Purification Applications

The membrane filter cartridge is also common in a wide range of purification applications.

Purification in this case merely implies to the elimination of undesirable chemicals organic impurities and suspended solids and gases from a particular compound.

Membrane filter cartridges, also named membrane cartridges, are composed of high-qulity polyethersulfone (PES)/Polytetrafluoroethylenen (PTFE)/PVDF/Nylon 66 membrane layers with advanced pleated technology. It offers higher filter surface area and exceptional contaminant capacity. 

Membrane filter cartridges, including PES filter cartridges, PTFE filter cartridges, nylon filter cartridges, PVDF membrane filter cartridge are optimized for sterile filtration, prefiltration and purification applications where large load capacity, low protein binding and absolute bacteria retention are required, even in wet or dry conditions.

Membrane filter cartridges can withstand mechanical and thermal stress by robust membrane cartridge construction. The endcaps, inner cores and outer support cages are constructed of 100% pure polypropylene(PP) for increased durability and excellent chemical resistance.


Membrane filter cartridge provides maximum fluid and particles access to pleated filter surface area for highest throughput and is cost competitive.

All-thermal bonded membrane cartridge construction ensures no adhesive or binder contamination.

Membrane filter cartridges are available in 5”, 9.75″, 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” lengths with a nominal outside diameter of 2.75”.


Features of Membrane Filter Cartridge

  • Absolute rated efficiency rating up to 99.98% (beta5000)

  • Manufactured with FDA-listed materials for food and beverage

  • Polypropylene core and outer support cage for increased durability

  • Provide superior bactericidal performance in wet or dry conditions

  • Multiple endcap configurations and O-ring materials available

  • All-thermal bonded construction with no adhesives

  • Larger service area reduces change-out times

  • Membrane medium are hydrophilic for easy wet-out

  • 100% integrity tested to assure reliable filtration performance

Application of Membrane Filter Cartridge

30芯40 (2)


  • Chemicals

  • Process water

  • Biological Solutions

  • Electronics

  • Food and Beverage

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Pre-filter for RO Systems

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