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Why the bag filter is so important?

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Why the bag filter is so important?

How to clean an bag filter is one of the questions many people ask. How often should the bag filter be cleaned? What is the method of assessing whether the bag filter equipment should be cleaned or replaced?


l  How does a bag filter work

l  What is the purpose of using an bag filter?

l  Why the bag filter is so important?


How does a bag filter work

Although steam is sterile and free of microorganisms, steam may carry contaminants such as rust, pipe scale and other particulate matter. It also contains chemicals in condensate and boiler feed water additives. These contaminants must be removed from the steam to protect the natural taste, texture, color and appearance of the food. Generally, it is recommended that single-stage filtration is as close as possible to the point of use. The bag filter is specially designed to filter steam, which can produce a low pressure difference at high flow rates and is suitable for process steam and cooking steam applications. bag filter elements are usually regenerated to reduce pressure drop, remove deposited contaminants and prevent permanent contaminants from accumulating.



What is the purpose of using an bag filter?

Steam boilers are used in a number of processes in the food and beverage industry. This includes cooking, curing and drying; Distilling certain types of beverages; Disinfection tools and appliances; And reduce microbial threats. Many processing facilities also use steam from boilers to drive machines used to prepare various foods and beverages. When steam is used to transfer energy, it is usually produced in a central location and distributed throughout the facility at various points. Depending on the application and whether it comes into contact with the end product itself, the steam will need to be filtered to prevent process contamination. In order to comply with strict food and beverage processing safety regulations and to improve the reliability and service life of equipment, industry professionals are using cook-grade steam filters. In the United States, steam used in food processing is expected to meet the 3A health standard and the 3A certified Dairy and food processing application code.



The purified steam is essential for maintaining the integrity of the product and can be used in cooking and food applications such as cooking, disinfection and packaging. The improved quality of steam used to sterilize filters also ensures longer life for filters and process equipment because it removes harmful particles and impurities to a greater extent than standard processes. In such applications, the correct size of the bag filter system depends on a number of variables, including component micron grade, flow rate, pressure, temperature, and acceptable pressure drop throughout the filter system. The selection of the micron grade for the application will depend on the excitation rate, particle size to be filtered, and the purity requirements of the downstream process using the filtered steam. If the challenge in particle size or size is great, a stainless steel prefilter is recommended. Stainless steel and sintered stainless steel elements are renewable and serve as a combination of prefilter and post-filter to ensure the most reliable and economical installation. Stainless steel filter elements do not contain adhesives, adhesives, additives or surfactants so they do not shed such contaminants and are approved for use in food contact under FDA CFR headings 21 and 1935/2004 / EC. With the market increasingly concerned about food safety, the use of bag filters certified 3-A for hygiene will help ensure that regulators and consumers ensure that products produced or prepared using industrial equipment meet the most stringent standards. Excellent filtering effect will also greatly improve the reliability of filter equipment and prolong the service life.


Why the bag filter is so important?

Steam is essential in the production of many consumer products, including dairy products, processed foods, beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Similar to compressed air, steam is generally considered a utility or energy source-produced in a central location and then distributed to various points of use throughout the facility. Although steam is usually not present in steam due to its high temperature, it must be filtered on the steam line to remove dirt, rust and scale that may seep into or out of the system pipes. These pollutants are even more prevalent when steam is condensed in the process, recycled and reused. Filtration helps to ensure consistent steam quality for producers and consumers.


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