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Many industries are equipped with water treatment plants. They are based on conventional water filters. These filters purify the water with sand and sulfonated carbon, which makes the water quite soft. Often the cleaning function is combined with the softener function, but this has a much worse effect on the quality of cleaning, since the process is much slower, although more efficient. In addition, the negative side of such modernized water treatment equipment is also that the water treatment elements will have to be replaced much more often.

Experience has shown that it is possible to use a water treatment unit that makes this system more efficient while keeping costs to a minimum.

Many factories across the country are forced to use piped water, where the quality of the water is disgustingly poor. Prior to this, water treatment was carried out by water filter on sulphated coal through a filter. Filter size - diameter 1000, height 2450 mm and loading volume 1.2 cubic meters. The process is controlled manually, the motors are switched. The salts were dissolved using manual stirring. The water quality could not be called stable, and the target TI values for hardness or iron were not achieved. All this is due to the fact that the performance of the pumps and the mode of regeneration of sulfonic coal were chosen incorrectly.

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To ensure water purification at the proper level, the specialists managed to develop a more modern water treatment plant, which is equipped with water treatment units. The water treatment unit deironed and softened the water, while there were modern loads and automatic generation. Due to the fact that the water was not of very high quality, it was necessary to carefully calculate its components and the use of a stabilizer.

When the reconstruction option that was optimal in terms of cost and, at the same time, effective, was chosen, it was decided to use the existing filter as the body of the unit for water iron removal. Part of the old sulfonated coal was used as a filter media, and the units for ion-exchange softening and alkalinity adjustment were mounted on a new one.

From the old scheme of the water treatment and water treatment system, only the building was left, the rest was reconstructed. In order to improve the process of water purification from iron, part of the sulfo coal was replaced with a catalytic one and preliminary water aeration was introduced at the initial stage.

Operation of water treatment units

The water treatment unit is a complex of several devices that performs multi-stage water purification.

Water through the stabilizer enters the control unit. Compressed air flows from the compressor into the pipeline under pressure. When oxygen in the air and ferrous iron in water interact, the process of oxidation to the trivalent state takes place, which is already insoluble. Air enters the compressor through a valve, it is controlled by a flow switch.

The air that remains undissolved rises to the top of the filter and exits through the automatic air separator. Through stopcocks, water is supplied from one control unit to another, where the water softener filter is located. Hydrochloric acid is used to adjust the alkalinity of purified water. It is supplied through a dosing pump, which will also be turned on from the flow switch. You can set the acid consumption during commissioning. The compressor has a receiver and automation, they maintain the air pressure at the required level.

The operation of the water treatment unit for a long time made it clear that the technical decisions were made correctly and there is still reliability in the developed system. The quality of water each time reached the necessary requirements. Water hardness and iron content have ceased to exceed the permissible values. It became possible to install reverse osmosis due to the reliability of the installation. Thanks to this, the level of salt in the water has decreased, it has become possible to correct the alkalinity and make the level of output higher.

This modernization shows the possibility of using old water treatment buildings to create good quality plants. That is why when we drink purified water, we feel the real taste of water without impurities of metals and other substances.

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